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Bulkhead Construction in Texas

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We build all kinds of bulkheads and retaining walls in Texas including:

We build any size bulkhead or retaining walls for any application or project size — residential, commercial, or industrial.

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  Built Onto Existing Structures      Rip Rap Installation  


Your bulkhead will be designed and built to last decades.

You can count on the right design and materials for your location, soil type, wave conditions, and preferences.

Build Onto Existing Structures

Your new bulkhead can be built onto or connected to any existing structures such as:

Your bulkhead can also be built to reclaim land lost to erosion.  Your wall can built on your original properly line (in the water) and back filled to add to your usable land.

Numerous Construction Capabilities, Best Prices

Our sophisticated and flexible marine construction equipment , including a construction barge, means we can build bulkheads of nearly any height and length on land or even from water.  Excellent equipment allows us to build in more places and offer lower prices.


Rip Rap Installation

For additional protection for your shoreline and new bulkhead, we can install rip rap to any height in front of your bulkhead.  Whether you want a little insurance against erosion at the mudline of your bulkhead or to make the strongest bulkhead in your neighborhood, we can install any variety or size of rip rap to strengthen your bulkhead.

Call us at (281) 307-3207 or contact us online to get a free estimate for your wood, vinyl, or concrete bulkhead.

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