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Horizon Marine Construction builds fixed and floating docks anywhere in the South/Central Texas region from Freeport, to Galveston, to LaPorte, Beaumont, and Houston.

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Fixed Dock Builders

dock builders in texas

From large commercial or public docks to small docks on private ponds, we use only the best and proven materials, design, and construction methods for your area and needs.  Whether your dock or pier is on fresh water, salt water, or in brackish the materials will be chosen so your dock will last decades in the surrounding environment.

Additionally, we can work from land or water so you can build far out into the water or even where land access is difficult or minimal.

Horizon Marine Construction will handle every aspect of your new dock construction.  While other builders sub-contract work such as pile setting (thefoundation of your new dock), we have all the equipment and capabilities to build your complete dock or pier from start to finish.

Your new dock can also be seamlessly connected to existing structures such as piers or bulkheads.  We can even demolish and remove your old dock as part of your project. 

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Floating Dock Builders

dock builders in texas

Floating docks are docks supported by pontoons or some floating materials, usually connected to the shore or pier by hinges or a ramp on rollers to allow for vertical water movement.  Floating docks maintain the same level as the water they are in and, of course, stay even with the floating boats and craft around them.  A floating dock is an excellent choice if you live in an area where water levels change regularly or if you are concerned about tidal surges.

Horizon Marine Construction builds floating docks of wood or metal frames using only proven design methods and quality materials to ensure your dock lasts decades and provides a safe place for your family as well as your boat.

Connecting to Surrounding Structures

Your dock can be seamless connected to your pier, bulkhead, or other structures ont he shoreline.  Of course, we can also add or build any other structure you want around your dock including boat slips, additional mooring pilings, boat houses, boat liftsbulkheads, shoreline riprap, and more. Simply tell us what you need.

Removing Old Docks and Piers

Your old dock or pier, including pilings, can be removed as part of your project.  We can also obtain permits or licenses needed for the demolition of construction of your dock or pier.

dock builders in texas

Call us at (281) 307-3207 or contact us online to get a free estimate for your new dock or pier.

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