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Dock & Pier Construction — Fixed or Floating


The proper design and construction of your dock or pier can make the difference between one that lasts a few years and one that lasts decades.  We use the best materials, proven designs, and time-tested construction methods to build docks and piers that look great and last.  Your dock or pier can be fixed or floating depending on your preferences and use.  We will also help with the design and any permitting for your new dock or pier.

Learn more about   dock & pier construction   in Texas by Horizon Marine Construction.

Boat House & Boat Lift Construction

Your boat house can be fixed on pilings or it can be floating boat house. You also have multiple roof options.  We build strong, long lasting boat houses for any size boat.  Learn more about boat houses and boat lifts.  

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Bulkhead Construction — Wood, Vinyl, & Concrete

Whether you prefer wood, vinyl, or concrete bulkhead construction for your  waterfront property we will deliver a great looking and affordable bulkhead designed to last decades.  We build bulkheads of any height and length and, because we can build on land or from water, we can build your bulkhead almost anywhere and can seamlessly connect your dock, pier, or other structure.

Learn more about   bulkhead construction   from Horizon Marine Construction.

Rip Rap Installation

We install rip rap to protect your waterfront and lengthen the life of your shoreline.  In some cases we install rip rap in front of bulkheads for additional protection against hurricanes or severe wave action.

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Breakwater Construction

Our breakwater construction service is based on the use of proven and reliable building methods and materials to create long lasting breakwater structures to prevent coastal erosion and protect coastal property.  Your breakwater can be built offshore or connected to the coast.

Pile Driving & Setting

We drive and set pilings (up to 14”x 40’) on land and in water for any project including beach homes, boat lifts and boat houses, docks and piers, bulkheads, and more.

Steel Sheet Piling

Horizon Marine Construction can install any kind of steel sheet piling for your   bulkhead  , retaining walls, shoring walls and seawalls. Whether your job is a small-scale private one or a large industrial commercial project, we have the experience and equipment to do the job right.

Piling Removal — Wood and Sheet Pilings

Your old pilings can easily be removed to prepare land for sale, redesigns and rebuilds, or for environmental purposes.  With the ability to work from land or water we can manage nearly any piling removel project and can install your replacement pilings if needed.

Learn more about   piling driving and setting services in Texas  .

Demolition — Land and Water Structures

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We offer   demolition and removal for land and water structures  .  Primary demolition services include marine demolition, commercial building demolition, residential demolition, structure demolition, and emergency-response demolition and clean up.

We will safely and affordably demolish the unwanted structure and, if needed, remove the debris to make your site build-ready. To Learn more about our demolition services, click the button below.

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